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Jan Flemming Organ Trio 9/1

September 01, 2019 11:00 AM until September 01, 2019 02:00 PM

Jan Flemming is an accordion and keyboard player from Cologne, Germany, now based in Austin, Texas.

He began playing the accordion at the age of seven and was immediately fascinated by the variety of the instrument. At age eleven, he joined a cultural project to keep the traditional music of Cologne alive and was exposed to a broad spectrum of musical genres. He played in several bands and projects taught and coached by his mentor Nick Nikitakis. During which, he found his musical orientation playing Blues, Jazz, Country and World Music. Jan played across Europe and appeared on national television. His natural talent combined with prudent work ethic evolved into what would become Jan’s calling in life. At just fourteen years of age, he knew his passion was also his career path. The decision to move to Austin, Texas came in 2012 after visiting the city and experiencing the love for live music that helps define the culture there. Shortly after the move, Jan obtained a degree in Jazz Performance and Composition. With formal training completed, he concentrated his efforts on connecting with the local talent which garnered him lead positions in several bands. It was not long before he was able to establish a reputation in the music scene as a skilled and sought after accordion and keyboard player. The city recognized his contribution by voting him first place in the Category Best Miscellaneous Instrument for accordion at the 2016 Austin Music Awards.

He is a permanent band member of several bands, including Ulrich Ellison & Tribe with whom he won the 2015 Austin Music Awards for Best Blues Band. Other notable bands he is in are: Nakia and The Blues Grifters, Grupo Massa, Seu Jacinto, The Gritones, and Macaxeira Funk.

Jan proves that the accordion is an instrument that finds its home in many genres, from Blues, Zydeco, Jazz, Funk, Americana, and Rock to Brazilian, Greek, and World music. His passion is exploring these music cultures with his instrument and bringing this to audiences that probably have not experienced the accordion like this before.