KUTX Live Jazz Series with Derrick Becker Quintet 1/31

January 31, 2018 7:00 PM until January 31, 2018 9:00 PM

Every serious musician has a dream: to produce music of such a high caliber that he can’t fail to be recognized. In less than a year, Derrick Becker took his passion for music from a hobby to a full-time career. After quitting his job as an engineer, he immersed himself in music, committing to a high standard of practice and performance. His dedication paid off when in 2015 he was plucked from the relative obscurity of the Austin jazz club scene to play with the Zac Brown Band on their national tour.

Derrick’s success hasn’t come overnight; he had a violin in his hand before he was old enough to ride a bike, followed by the trumpet at age 10. At age 14, his training ramped up when he began taking private lessons with Dave Chartrey, and his understanding suffering for art was reinforced by brutal 7am jazz band rehearsals in his teens.

As with most people, college and career pulled his focus away from music and his musical dreams took a backseat to the practicalities of Real Life. However, old habits die hard, so after a decade of neglect, Derrick dusted off his trumpet case and began taking lessons with Grammy award-winning jazz artist Pete Rodriguez. His abilities soon got him noticed by the local jazz scene, and he has been playing around Austin ever since. If you’re lucky, you can still catch him in between gigs with Carlos Sosa’s Groveline Horns.