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Wade Guice

Director of Culinary Operations

Wade joined Juliet in June of 2019.  he has been cooking for 17 years and in that time has  held positions in both FOH and BOH and everything in between. Wade start cooking when he was 14 at a privately owned restaurant in Hattiesburg, MS this is where he fell in love with the production and preparation of food. At 18 years old, the day after he Graduated High School, Wade was promoted to Kitchen Manager and thus his Career as BOH management started. Thru his college years, he cooked for Robert St John, which is a restaurateur and chef In Hattiesburg and has several different concepts that range from Cajun to Italian. It was during this time he was contemplating going to Johnson and Whales in Rhode Island, the restaurant at the time was hosting Guest Chefs for wild Game dinners and that’s where Wade met and cooked with Donald Link (Cochon and Herb Saint) and he expressed to me that if Wade had been cooking for several years and had all the basics down that culinary school would be a waste of time and money and that he should just keep cooking under chefs and get on the job training. So that is what he did. Wade cooked for private parties and was guest a chef in several restaurants both in Mississippi and NOLA. Then in 2012 he felt the need to get out of his comfort zone and move to Austin Texas. He started out at Cypress Grill (can take the chef out of the city but cannot take his passion for Cajun cooking). From there he Branched out and opened two food trucks with his best friend Stefan Rice, called ATX Boudain Hut. He ran these for several years until the hours and laboring became too much to handle so we sold and moved on. It was at this point Wade started cooking for Lonesome Dove and for the Artist tent and VIP tents at ACL, he thoroughly enjoyed these experiences with both ACL and Lonesome but  was looking for a restaurant that was growing and looking to expand into different markets in Texas and that’s when he landed on Juliet Italian Kitchen and since then it’s been a whirlwind of growth, stress and excitement, especially opening and renovating a new restaurant during a pandemic. Wade looks forward to growing this restaurant to new heights and different cities. To be Continued….